T-Junction in your life

When you are driving and a T-junction comes, you have to turn either left or right. Similarly at times in life we reach a T-Junction. A point will come when there will be no path ahead. You will have to make a turn. At this point you might feel that it is all over for you. Things that you were doing are not relevant now. Your life strategies may have stopped yielding desired results. Actually it is time to think about the things you are doing. This is the time to make some changes.

Taking a left turn or right turn

right turnAt the T-Junction towards the right is the warmth of relationships, feelings, want for success and get respect. Taking a turn towards the right means attracting success, getting rich and famous. But this is all superficial and does no good to your inner self. Rather it might take more away from you than you would gain. This may also lead to stress in life and resulting problems.


left turnIf you turn left on the T-Junction, your path ahead is a long journey of your inner growth. Taking a left turn means more learning and hard work. You need more dedication towards your own self-improvement on this path. This path requires persistence in your efforts. If you choose this path you will eventually fill your life with good things. It is a long journey and requires a lot of hard work.


Hard work V/S Enjoyment

mountain and sea.

mountain and sea.

Taking a right turn at the T-Junction is like swimming in a sea. The journey on the left needs you to climb, to learn and practice the skill of trekking high mountains. To many of us, swimming in a sea seems easier than trekking on high mountains. However, those who choose to move towards left and stick on their journey climb the mountains to reach a high peak. They can see their reflection in the sea.They are the ones who are actually successful and feel good about it from inside. They are able to win both worlds. Those who choose the right turn do not realize that there is no peak in the sea.

Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.

~ Booker T. Washington

When you reach a T-Junction in life and turn towards the sea of worldly pleasures without inner virtues, there comes a point then when the truth reveals itself. There is no path ahead and you will have to turn back. Life here demands a RETREAT. One realizes here that the sea is not a truth. It is an illusion and works like a mirror. Its purpose is only to think about one’s journey on the mountains. Trekking on the mountain of inner strength and virtues is the only path. There is no escape.

The difficult road you are called to walk may, in fact be your only path to success.

~ Richard Paul Evans

Before the T-Junction you will be able to enjoy if you back it up with hard-work and the keep ratio of enjoyment and hard work balanced. If you are able to keep up your own balance, you will not reach the T-Junction early in your life.

Your life beyond the T-Junction

Human beings already have a lot of feelings (water) within their system. After choosing the left turn at the T-Junction, the mountains which one climbs ( inner virtues) make their space in the sea of feelings within us. In due course, one forms a mountain within one’s own system. This gives him tremendous strength. The irrelevant content within him (Pride and worries) get shrugged off and the person becomes a mountain. He climbs the stairs of success.

success stairs

Stairs of success.

He starts giving space to others to climb on and reach some heights. A mountain does not move itself to get noticed or to help people. It simply keeps adding to its height. His attachments and worries get converted into deep wisdom radiating peace to others. This virtue makes him radiant like a star and he becomes a source of lighthouse both for those who choose the mountains and for those who are still in the ocean.

Article updated on August 4, 2014