The gift to Mankind

Mankind is endowed with some forces and some special abilities. Plants, animals and birds, all have been given some distinct abilities. They put them into use in order to survive.

Mankind also has been endowed with some special abilities. These not only help him in surviving but also in moving towards realizing his unlimited power. God has given man all his powers in the form of a much talked about divine particle/god particle or a divine spark. This particle is made of some special forces which give us life. Each of these forces give us a distinct quality. When we put them into use in our life, it gets strengthened and enriches our life.

When one of these abilities is not used, the life force associated with gets weakened leading to a crunch of some essential element of life. There may be a crunch of resources or lack of harmony or any such thing. Thus these abilities can also be thought of as some essential abilities which need to be put into use for creating a healthy and successful life.

Let us talk about them one by one in a series of articles which will follow:

Power of Positive Visualization

eye visualizing-a gift to mankind

Visualizing Eye

Man has a power to visualize something which does not presently exist. When something is thought over with full focus, with all the details, giving it a vision, it takes a real shape sooner or later.

The ultimate truth is what is visualized and not what is seen or experienced. We are citizens of free India today. It is because a group of people visualized this truth at a point of time. Any one can have a vision to make dreams come true. A dream is different from a thought. When a thought is backed by the force of positive will, it gradually takes the shape of a vision. To develop this force following are 3 key points we need.

  1. We should ensure that the dream is based on real knowledge giving full clarity to the thought.
  2. We should manage our emotions to do away with all negative forces within us.
  3. We should develop a strong will.

The power of visualization in mankind is the cause of all positive creations and transformations in life. When we see financial crunch, we can visualize and create abundance, when we see conflict, we can visualize and bring harmony and understanding. When we see sickness, we can visualized and create health.

When two opposite forces operate on a vision simultaneously, it takes longer time to realize that vision. This is the reason why we should throw away anxiety, fear, anger and hatred out of the window of our life when we set out to do something really positive and meaningful.

If we understand the true spirit of the ability to visualize, it gives us an unlimited choice. On our part, we only have to manage our thoughts and feelings, choose the right thought and give it the force of our positive will.