Amrit Academy aims to facilitate human enrichment by focusing on four basic aspects of life:

  • Inner growth of a person.
  • Building a happy, peaceful and successful family.
  • Success in professional life.
  • Building a peaceful, development oriented society. A society where both inner growth and outer life is taken care of.

These are four threads which make the basic fabric of human life. In this blog we will talk about all the four aspects. Then a compilation quarterly magazine Golden Aura will be published. It will cover the first three aspects. A biannual journal Amritam will also be published. It will cover the fourth aspect. Both these publications would be printed as well as digital form also. The details are as below:


Golden Aura (A Quarterly Magazine)

publications : golden aura

Golden Aura

Each one of us is bestowed with lot of human and divine qualities. When we become conscious of these and combine these, it generates inner synergy. Golden Aura is a forum to give expression. It is to and make us conscious of the golden insights lying in the deeper layers of every human mind. We can walk in our glowing aura every moment if we are always attentive of the gold within.


The contents of the magazine would be:

  1. Short articles.
  2. Memorable incidents and their analysis.
  3. Quotations.
  4. Poems.
  5. Self-tests and their analysis.
  6. Inspiring drawings/photographs.
  7. Life experiments.

We welcome your valued contributions for Golden Aura.

Your contributions may focus on the following themes.

Inner Growth

  • Getting inspired and sustaining motivation.
  • Enhancing emotional growth.
  • Enhancing one’s intellect.
  • Experiencing inner peace.
  • Managing stress.
  • Sublimating anger.
  • Overcoming fears.
  • Building synergy within.

Family Building

  • Role of a Parent.
  • Creating harmony and understanding in the family.
  • Inviting abundance.
  • Facilitating growth of family members.
  • importance of a successful family.
  • Parent-child relationship at various stages of life.

Success in Professional Life

  • Developing communication skills.
  • Energies or forces which contribute to success.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Being a successful entrepreneur.
  • Sustaining professional success.


To be announced…


A Journal of Human Resource Management

Many great thinkers, Management scientists and philosophers have given deep solutions to various managerial issues. Amritam, a biannual management journal aims to make a pool of such precious wisdom. The focus would be on issues related to Human Resource Management.


  1. Articles based on Principle-based management teachings, preferably, those based on Indian teachings.
  2. Research papers exploring and experimenting on solutions to basic issues of Human Resource Management.
  3. Successful experiences/ incidents reflecting basic principles of management.
  4. Interpretation of selected lines of holy scriptures or famous books reflecting some basic teachings.
  5. Teachings of great persons or learning from the life of great people giving solutions of some human resource issues.
  6. Any other contributions if they are well aligned with the basic spirit of the journal.


To be announced…