About Us

Amrit Academy for Human Enrichment and Management Research is an educational organization in Jaipur, India. At Amrit Academy we work on all aspects of human life through training, counselling and various print works.

At Amrit Academy we aim to help people from all walks of life. Guide them design a good vision for themselves, for their families and their work areas. Helping people map their path of success.

Through our blog we try to touch certain issues. Our various articles to cater to our mission at Amrit Academy. We help people realize their inner power. We try to solve issues taking ideas from golden teachings of east and the west.

About Our Vision

Our vision is to help people in discovering their inner light of wisdom, empowering and equipping them to form a map of a successful life glowing with grace, peace and a radiating joy.
  1. Based on a mission

    Amrit Academy has been given a shape with a mission to help people in empowering themselves. To keep aligned with its goals, the fee charged for each activity is nominal. We would depend more on voluntary help and contributions. At the same time, all those working for Amrit Academy work on voluntary basis.
  2. Constant Touch

    We bring about a real transformation in the precious lives of people. For this purpose, we welcome any post training communication (through e-mail). Formal counselling sessions may also be arranged. Group meditations we organise also helps us in bringing a real change.
  3. Involvement of Women

    As a mission, we also help people build strong families. For this purpose, we invite more and more involvement of women. Some of our programmes are focused on women only.