Man  is gifted with a very high level of consciousness. It gives us the power of communication. It helps in keeping a specific purpose in mind. We can decide when to communicate. We can choose whom to communicate with. We also can choose the medium of communication specially when using one of the circle mobile phone plans. Also check how much to communicate.

We can test the effectiveness of a communication very easily. Check whether the desired outcome is met or not . The acid test is whether the communication is as per the need of the situation or not.


Effective Communication.

Communicate to Live

not Live to Communicate

Our subconscious mind at times make us to speak. It also compels us to think without any purpose. In such a case, what we speak, write to the other person, think about others may lead to some unwanted situations.  Communication by itself should not become a need. It is our distinct ability. We use it to carry out a task together, we use it to relate with someone. When we view communication as more than a necessity and acknowledge it as a tool for collaborative tasks and interpersonal connections, we unlock its true potential. It’s not just about speaking for the sake of it; it’s what makes a good spokesperson even better. By approaching communication with mindfulness and purpose, we can navigate conversations more thoughtfully, fostering understanding and meaningful connections with those around us.

Tips for effective Communication


Direction to Effective Communication.

  1. Have clarity about what we need in various situations.
  2. Try to develop power to think creatively. Also try to  control your negative thoughts and feelings.
  3. Have faith in other people that they will change themselves. This really helps to foster effective communication.
  4. Have clarity about your higher order goals. Link  those with the present communications.


Choose a day for observing yourself. That day from morning till you go to sleep…
Ask yourself some questions.

How many times you…

  1. Communicate keeping a specific purpose in mind.
  2. Are able to control your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Are conscious of your higher order goals and ignore lower order gestures coming from someone.
  4. Have faith in others.
  5. Empower or inspire someone.
  6. Realize what you need and what others need.