1. People tend to recall the first and last things better, and barely the middle. Keep in mind – Primacy and recency (Serial position effect)

    When scheduling an interview, ask what times the employer is interviewing. The smart thing to do is trying to get interviewed first or last.

Serial Position Effect Infographic
Serial Position Effect Infographic
  • If you face customers face to face

    Put a large mirror behind you at the counter. There are two smart benefits of putting the mirror. This way angry customers who approach you will see themselves in the mirror behind you. The chances of them behaving irrationally lowers greatly. Also the office will look more spacious and well-lit.

  • office room mirror behind desk
    Mirror behind counter.
  • The physical effects of stress (breathing rate and heart rate) are almost similar to the physical effects of courage

    When you are feeling stressed from any situation, don’t panic. The smart thing to do is immediately reframe your mind and use products like CBD Oil UK or order other cbd products and weed Canmore. Think that your body is actually getting courageous. You can also find nmn supplements at buoyhealth that help improve brain and muscle function.

    In the video below Kelly McGonigal beautifully shows stress is not dangerous. Thinking about stress in a positive way reduces the risk that it poses. Also this video might really change your life.

    Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend [TED Talk]

  • [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcGyVTAoXEU&rel=0]

  • Be a Smart Salesmen: Keep quite after sales pitch

  • sales presentation
    Sales representative pitching the product.

    This principle is part of most of the sales 101’s. It also works in many other potentially awkward situations. Once you get the small talk out-of-the-way pitch the prices. The smart salesperson will wait for the customer response. The first person to talk after the sales pitch will lose. This may sound like cliché but it actually works. Often there will be long periods of awkward silence. Sometimes customers come up with an excuse, but usually they will buy.

  • People do not remember what you said but how you made them feel

  • actions speak louder than words
    Actions speak more than your words do

    The best motivational talk is the one whose speaker instills motivation through his body-language not his words.

    It is an old saying that actions speak louder than words. So People will remember your actions and your behavior more than what you say. If you say well but do evil, people will do evil against you. So be smart and not only say good but make people feel good.

    It isn’t what we say what defines us but what we do.

    ~Jane Austen

    Pro Tip – Most people like talking about themselves. So ask them lots of questions about them.

  • While learning something new, teach it to a friend. Let them ask questions related to it

    If you’re able to teach something well, you have understood it very well. Your ideas will never be more effective than your ability to make others comprehend them. The smart people include teaching others as part of their learning process.

  • art of learning things
    You keep 90% of what you learn if you teach that.
  • Be happy and confident when you meet people, they will react the same to you

    Being happy and confident you will portray yourself with more conviction in yourself. The same perception people will have of you. This will keep you away from facing rejections.

  • Be confident and happy when you meet people.
    Be confident and happy when you meet people.
  • Stay connected with people you have worked with

    Communication is a great power of humanity. Smart thing to do is become an information source for people, and let them be yours. Even having a good time with a former colleague once a year will keep you in the loop at the old office. Former co-workers might have gotten a new place in that office you always wanted to work in, great! Have a good time with them, and ask about the office. Being successful requires having connections and the required information.

  • Inequities can also rise from the fact that an employee puts a lot of effort into his work with minimal positive feedback or recognition. If you need help handling inequity in the workplace, discrimination lawyers from a reputable law firm like HKM Employment Attorneys in Atlanta can help you resolve a discrimination case.
    Network of people designed in a speech bubble.
  • Stand up straight and look smart and confident

    Standing correctly is very important both for your health and your personality. No Slouching, hands out of pockets, and head held up high is the correct standing posture. Standing straight is not just a cliché – you will literally feel smarter. People around you will feel more confident in you when you stand straight.

  • Right and Wrong postures of standing
    How to stand straight correctly.
  • Avoid saying “I think,” and “I believe” unless necessary

    When you are collecting your thoughts on the fly, you are thinking and speaking at the same time – do not use the phrases “I think,” and “I believe”. These phrases do not evoke confidence. They will literally do you no good. You will come across as a confused person. The listener may feel that you are not confident in what you are saying.

  • confused woman thinking
    You come across as confused when you use the phrases “I think… ” and “I belief… “.
  • When feeling anxious, clean up your home or work space

    You will feel happier and more accomplished than before. Also working in a clean and tidy room provides more focus. After cleaning the room you will be able to visualize more clearly. If you have a dyson vacuum cleaner at home this dyson manual shows how to quickly empty the chamber so you can clean your home efficiently. You will surely get better results in your work.

  • cleaning your room
    You will feel good after cleaning your room
  • Smart candidates research their interviewers and potential employers

    If you are smart you will focus on learning about your employer. This way you will come across more interesting and dynamic. You will be easily able to answer questions like, “Why are you choosing us”. Also people love to talk about themselves so you will have more to speak.

  • Do some research about your potential employers
    Do some research about your potential employers
  • Parents Pay Attention: Give your kid a choice making them think they are in control

  • girls in red and white polka dots
    Give choice to children in what they wear

    When we give our children choices within present boundaries, we cut conflict. For instance when you want him to put his shoes on, smart thing to say is,”do you want to put your star wars shoes on or your shark shoes on?” and not just saying, “put your shoes on”. The child is more likely to refuse if you don’t give a choice.

    Pro-tip: In some cases, this works on adults.

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  • If you want to build rapport or gain someone’s trust quickly, subtly match with their body language but try not to look creepy

  • Julia Gillard showing respect for Barack Obama by playful mirroring
    AP Photo/Charles DharapakJulia Gillard showing respect for Barack Obama by playful mirroring.

    If someone is sitting with her legs crossed cross your legs. If they’re leaning away from you lean away from them. If they’re leaning towards you, lean towards them. Mirroring and matching body language is a subconscious way to tell if someone trusts you or is comfortable with you. If you’re sitting with your arms crossed and you notice someone else is sitting with their arms crossed, that is a good indicator that you are successfully building rapport with that person.

  • Handling Panic and Anxiety Behavior Smartly

    Smart people know how to handle stress and anxiety. There is a simple technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “tapping”. It is useful in many, many life situations – emotional upset, physical pain, food cravings and traumatic memories. You can also get the facts about Asian herb that is used to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

    Important Note: Current research has been unable to prove that EFT has any certain medical benefit or ability to cure diseases. However it has a relaxing effect on the mind which we want to point out.

  • Points for EFT. Technique.
    Points for EFT. Technique.

    When you’re feeling stressed, worried or angry, tap each EFT point as shown in the image above sequentially while thinking (or speaking quietly) a few specific words about what is bothering you. Repeat this process 3-5 times. For example, tap while saying, “I’m so angry because… “. Doing so will likely take the charge out of the feeling. You will return to a more resourceful (better feeling) state of being.