Every moment of Human Life is an opportunity for us. We can explore and realize the wonders of life. We are just a channel. We have powers to get work done. Being fully aware of this fact help greatly.

Suggested below are some ways to fill our lives with good things.

  1. By Speaking Inspirational Words

    To be Inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible in life

    Inspiring other people is incredible.

    While speaking we should take a bit of care. Make sure every word coming out  is respectful for others. When our feelings, intentions as well our words are positive and inspirational, we make good things happen in life.

    However, if we speak in terms of judgment, criticism, sarcasm, admonishment or complaint, no good comes our way in life.

  2. By Understanding Others

    Understanding others in life

    Understanding others in life is a powerful quality.

    It is not important to speak to people. More important is to deeply understand people. It is also important to listen.

    We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak – Epictetus

    We should not develop a habit of commenting. Especially commenting in someone’s absence is a bad habit. Such a habit increases pride within us and drifts us away from truth. We should speak only when we have to speak for a positive cause. If we use our mind to discern the truth before speaking, our words would give shape to positive situations.

  3. By Being in Silence

    man in silence

    Man in Silence.

    Silence is the source of greatness. Too much action or communication creates confusion. It takes us away from the greatness of life.
    We should make it our habit to check our thoughts, feelings, and plans in silence. Actions thought out in silence help us in maintaining health and harmony just like when we use CBD for anxiety which actually helps us in implementing our plans successfully.

  4. By Responding To the Tough Times and Problems in Life

    tough times in life quote

    Tough times never last in life, tough people do!

    In life tough times and problems are to test us. We  just need to find motivation and respond to them positively. Being positive makes us breathe in goodness. There comes a point when tough times go, our problems get solved. And then the goodness we accumulate makes good things happen in life. If you’re having relationship problems with your significant other, you can use products like True Pheromones to bring the spark back into your relationship.

  5. By Consciously Keeping a Positive Vision:

    “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. Its because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein

    Positive way of thinking in life.

    Positive events happen if we have a positive vision. We should Acknowledge other’s virtues and focus on our positive qualities and potential abilities. This is the formula of inviting riches and abundance in life.However, when we play a defensive game, act out of fear or become obsessed with the thought of a disease or a conflict, such thoughts generate negativity and stop positive events from taking a shape. Unleash the warrior within by owning swords from Mini Katana.

  6. By Creating a Positive Rhythm in Our Words

    Watch your words!

    Be careful while you speak.

    When someone starts a talk with us, we should respond in the same rhythm or in a complementary rhythm.

    When someone is appreciating, Being thankful is a good way to respond.
    When someone is commanding, critical or advising, we should simply agree.
    When someone is feeling helpless, supporting him/her is the way to go.
    When someone is complaining, we should speak to act like a fountain of cool water instead of taking his words as an attack.

    We should never counter anyone, complimentary communications create soothing music in our mind and touch its deeper cells which are the source of deep insights and great ideas.

  7. By Listening to the Call to do Something More Meaningful


    listening what others are saying.

    There comes a moment in everyone’s life when we understand that we are here to do something deeper. When a plain hearted and virtuous person is not given positive response for his general initiatives, it is a sign that he will do something more great. If he has a strong will power and deep concern for others, he is sure to take this clue.

    The more we become in life, the more unattached one should become with the success.  You should always remember your success is only what you were born to do.

Contributed by Yasoda