What is needed to get motivation

We need a lot of inspiration, right ideas, right decision to grow in life. We also need a power to visualize. We should visualize completion of goals before taking the first step. Motivation is basically a combination of all these things.

An architect is able to visualize the design of the whole building before laying the foundation stone. He looks at the heap of bricks only as a raw material. Similarly, we should look at our life situations. Its problems and prospects are only a raw material. We should keep our focus on the end result. That is our mission in life. This make us motivated. Thus we will be able to achieve our mission.

Motivation – Key to get Motivated

hand with key of motivation

Key to motivate yourself.

To keep focused and to avoid distractions we should to some things. We must ensure a total mastery on our thoughts. All of us are constantly engaged in some thoughts or feelings. These generate waves at various frequencies. They immediately strike other people who are on similar frequency.

A reaction also comes in the form of three things. Some thoughts or feelings, discomfort or joy. At times, there may be a direct observable reaction. Otherwise, the reaction can be felt through three things. Sudden change of mood, sudden burst of energy or feeling of exhaustion or in the form of some life situations. This exchange of frequencies binds both the persons in  a loop. The loop can be positive or negative.

Any such loop keeps us from getting connected with our soul. It also keeps us away from getting connected with divine support. In order to do something big or worthwhile we need to be constantly connected with divine power within us and with supreme powers giving us the right guidance and support.

To obtain this connectivity we should get ourselves liberated from both positive and negative loops and linkages. They weaken our mental powers. They also affect our ability to concentrate. Some say the bonds which we created in past few births also continue with us. Some people are more entangled and some are less. This explains why some people are more intelligent. Why are they able to make more focused efforts. Why they have greater ability to grasp and analyse information.

Things to do for motivation in life

make things happen

Strive to make things happen

We should constantly thank each and every inspiration. Each and every idea coming from divine forces inside us must be appreciated. The more we’ll focus on our mission, the more easily we can liberate ourselves from undesired entanglements. Everyday we should pray for peace, forgiveness, bliss, high energy levels. Focus on high connectivity levels with divine forces for self as well as for all others who are connected with us. We should pray only for five to ten minutes. We should liberate all other souls and should feel liberated ourselves. This is the key to motivation.

We are mostly conscious that our clothes do not get entangled with a piece of furniture or something. If you’re looking for affordable lavender prom dresses, I suggest you take a look at Peaches Boutique’s website. Similarly, while performing our worldly duties, we should be conscious not to entangle ourselves.