SKIP TO – Steps To Make Your Child Successful.

Almighty gifts us our beautiful children

Many say that ‘Creation is act of sheer will of almighty”. Holy books and Scriptures of all Religions across the globe talk about the entire world creation or “SHRISTI – in Sanskrit”. Supreme power is hailed as the Creator… the one who creates.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.
~Cecil Frances Alexander”


The creation of the World

God has gifted life to us. We can presume that Children are divine blessings. Now, picture this – The gender of your child is not in your hands. Also, your child did not consciously choose you (in all fairness, perhaps). This indicates some laws of nature work here. Also some divine power might be governing this process. For more free tools to be successful when grown up, advise your child to have a look at this page.

Attract Success in the Life of your Child

Parenting skills are different for different people, and a parent with good parenting skills is a good parentA good parent is healthy, well composed and has his own ways to manage the stress of daily living by using natural aids like the new CBD for anxiety. Prosperity in family adds to good parenting. . It’s important to recognize that diverse CBD products, including Organic CBD Nugs, also offer alternatives for those seeking to address stress naturally. By embracing a balanced and mindful approach to stress management, parents can foster a healthier environment for both themselves and their families, embodying the essence of effective parenting. One must also be hard-working and socially effective. If you master these aspects of life, you will comfortably sail through the journey of being a parent.

To make this journey smooth and enjoyable, you may follow the steps enumerated below. However, please bear in mind that these steps are not sequential, you can practice multiple of them simultaneously.

  1. Practice Self-Affirmation

    The first step is to firmly believe in your goodness as well as in the goodness of each family member. You should continuously remind yourself that you and your children are together for being successful together.

    Self Positive Affirmations

    Collage of self positive affirmations you can use.

    You may start your morning by taking a minute to think and repeat statements (affirmations) to yourself that harmony, prosperity, success, maturity and health of all the members are natural aspects of my family.

    Please note that one should speak these statements to himself as though they are actually happening. This means that these aspects are already present in the family.

  2. Do Broader Analysis of Every Situation

    The one who invites success in the family does not take any situation on the face of it, especially if it is a negative one. A mature parent converts every situation into an opportunity to grow oneself. The key is, take the responsibility on yourself and inspire and motivate other members of the family to look for something positive, however adverse the situation might be.

    mother with child

    Mother interacting with child.

    You should understand this – blaming or evaluating others does not help. You should do a deeper and broad analysis of every situation. You try to visualize the situation. It will bring you closer to resolution no matter what the current state of affairs is.

  3. Come to Peace with yourself

    Focused effort is the source of success. With an inspired mind, focus and inspiration require peace. You, as a parent should do something on a day-to-day basis which brings peace to yourself as well as to others.


    When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world!

    A parent who reflects peace spreads success. Peace will come unto you if you follow this – disengage yourself from all those activities that bring about negativity and heaviness around you. This includes mindless gossip, criticism of others, back-biting and conspiring. Remember, Life is a flight into divine eternal sky. There is enough space for everyone.

  4. Keep Negative Thoughts at bay

    Negative thoughts are the results of negative emotions. Negative emotions are usually the results of situations over which we have no control. Negative emotions take away the control of our logic in our actions. Some examples of negative emotion are – anger, fear, despair, envy, avarice, anxiety, and in some cases, even ambition (uncontrolled). Go ahead see this page and learn more information.

    positive man

    No matter what happened in your life you need to stay positive and try looking on a bright side.

    It is not unusual for a parent to fall victim to such negative emotions. When such a surge hits you, you should think about your responsibility towards your children. You should try to control your mind by avoiding to think on the trigger (of the situation) for some time. You should also avoid uttering any bad words. This magnifies the impact for our thoughts. Do not take any action in such a state. Rather sit in silence for a few minutes. Try to engage yourself in any work which soothes.

    You will find that when you develop enough power within yourself. Then you can control your mind, your tongue and your total being. You can keep away from getting affected by feelings of restlessness, it becomes very easy to relax and keep up your levels of health, harmony and success.

  5. Maintain the Parental bond with your Children

    parent child bond

    Great parental bond with quality time with children.

    Soul connects parents and children. In those families where parents and children interact and respect, each success of a child initiates enrichment of parent’s life. The vice versa is also true.

  6. Keep a Spiritual Focus in your Family Life

    The final outcome of whatever you do depends on certain laws of nature or divine forces. The first duty of every parent is to keep connected to these divine forces or to the Supreme power. The medium between you and the supreme power is your soul.

    Spiritual family

    Spiritual family!

    You should make purity of thoughts and intentions the basis of your actions. This will make sure that there is always an alignment between your soul and your actions. All your actions would then take you closer to the supreme father.

    Scriptures say, Every child is a messenger of God. HE sends children with the purpose of development of their consciousness and to get success in some areas of worldly life.

    A parent who understands this and facilitates the child in this journey is a true parent. A parent-child relationship which goes according to God’s will is one of the most beautiful creations of this world. For a divine parent, a child is always a blessing.

Children Remind Us of Our Inner Virtues

You will also agree that when you became a parent, it made you come to terms with your inner virtues. Virtues like the inherent power to take care selflessly, be committed and totally responsible for a purpose and thinking beyond self. These aspects of your inner side were probably never open to you earlier and it somehow changed yourself and made you a better human being. It made you more tolerant, more giving, more caring and more human.


Child holding hand of his father with faith.

In short, Parenthood became an opportunity to bring about a positive change in you and this change again makes your child a blessing because he/she is the agent for it.
The main purpose of human life is to grow from within. Your role as a parent is the best medium to fulfil this aim. If you are true to yourself, you will continuously try alternatives to see what gets right results in the matters related to your child for which we recommend these Online Activities For Kids.

In this process, You as a parent will gain knowledge and will discover your own hidden qualities. Education is as important as many other areas, this s why we recommend to find an school with the correct infrastructure including School Canopies.

Suggested Activities for your child’s success

secret to success

Secret of your child’s success.

  1. We should generate such experiences in which both the process and outcome would be positive for all family members. A pleasant activity together or going shopping is a good example. With its varied offerings, Shoppok has often been our first choice for online purchases. It’s worth exploring.
  2. We should start our day with an activity which ignites inspiration, peace and joy within us. In the evening also, we should give some time to ourselves to ignite positive feelings.
  3. A parent should daily remind himself or herself that his or her child is on a journey of inner and outer growth. To make mistakes is a natural part of this process. Therefore, he should never get disappointed or never discuss child’s mistake with others. Parents should always forgive their children and should give them guidance and support with mutual trust.