The best way of being successful in life is to keep up harmony. The best way to keep up harmony is to respect others. You may say that one has to earn you respect first. But this attitude makes us arrogant. Thus we should respect other people. Here are 7 ways by which you can help yourself to respect others.

  1. Have Faith in others


    Have faith on others

    You should always have faith in one’s ability to exercise self-control. You should do right in every situation. You should respect your own self first as you can take care of other’s self-respect only if you respect yourself.

  2. Forgive mistakes of other people

    Forgiveness gives wings to fly.

    Forgiveness gives wings to fly.

    At times, we have to forgive others mistakes to respect them. If we blame them because of their mistakes, it is against our inner nature. Those who criticize others are not able to respect themselves.

    If we do not forgive then our inner nature makes us feel guilty. We develop a habit of defending ourselves against this guilt feeling. If we are able to forgive, we save ourselves from feeling guilty. We respect ourselves and feel comfortable in giving respect to others.

  3. Don’t be too critical – People ignore those who always criticize

    angry ignoring

    People ignore those who are always angry and criticise.

    If you are not able to forgive others then you will get into a spiral of criticizing, feeling guilty and defending yourself. You will be continuously restless. You will pour out your restlessness on your spouse, children or subordinates. Nobody feels comfortable with such a behavioural pattern. People start ignoring such a person.

  4. Be strong from within


    Only those who are strong are able to respect others.

    Taking care of others self-respect shows respect for oneself. If we are full of human virtues and lead a principle based human life then we will feel strong from within. We will enjoy a lot of self-respect. Also we will naturally take care of others self-respect.

  5. Resolving unresolved issues helps

    clean unresolved issues

    Get rid of unresolved issues from your mind

    People behave negatively because of some unresolved issues lying deep in their mind. You should learn to let go of painful memories. In no situation you should believe that others do not respect you.

    Respecting others is a quality. To what extent you can exercise this quality is not related to level of perfection of other people. Rather, it depends on your inner strength. By consciously being in touch with your deep wisdom and exercising self-control you enhance your inner strength.

  6. Keep in mind – Our inner nature is to respect

    To have a respectful mind is to relax in your nature.

    To have a respectful mind is to relax in your nature.

    To respect others is the inner nature of every human being. This is the Truth. To express unhappiness is against everyone’s inner nature. Therefore, responding to others’ aggression is just like trying to kick back at a bubble of air.

    Truth is limitless and whatever is not the truth does not exist.

    ~ Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita (chapter II, verse, 6)

  7. If you are a parent then give your children some space

    Children Playing on merry go round

    Children Playing on merry-go-round

    As a parent if you enjoy self-respect you must give respect to your children. Giving them space to learn from their mistakes. Reacting negatively to your children’s mistakes makes them stubborn.